Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Three little heart

Owh..tenggelam timbul datang melawat blog sendiri..hampir terlupa rupa-rupanya ada blog...:)..Sekali sekala je datang tengok blog sendiri..Assalamualaikum.

Being a mum for three little musketeers make me become busier and my responsible is more bigger than before. My eldest in primary school,second is 5 years old ( and for me this is critical time to teach him to read and etc)..the youngest one 2 months plus need more attention.All of them are "amanah" from Allah.Owh Allah please guide me to be strong person and " ibu mithali" for my children and isteri solehah for my beloved husband...Amin..

I'll try my best..

My three little heart..


AHAR said...

Comelnye diorg !

missM said...

hoho..wonder mommy lah sekarang ye!