Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Re-visited Malacca Zoo...

Assalamualaikum wbt...
salam Ramadhan...
Selamat berpuasa untuk semua sahabat-sahabat...kenal-kenalan...blogers...dan seluruh umat Islam semua... Lama tak update entry@ story....

Nak update cerita Malacca Zoo..
sekarang anak2 dah besar skit...baru ok g zoo...

This was our lucky day. Elephant Show happened to be there too...Just at the time...So They followed the elephants to the show ground and this was the first experience to little sister.

Lets look around animals at Malacca Zoo

 She wrote all the animals name...She loves writing...note book always in her bag.
Gambar terakhir...( actually bnyk lg gmbr haiwan kat dalam ni kan..)...little bit scared....Ular naik tramp sama-sama...

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Late update..for our Ninth anniversary..

Dedication to the king of my heart..

Our Ninth anniversary

Ya Allah..
Thanks Allah for this 9 wonderful years
and many more years to go


 You are my love of life
You are my treasure of life
You are a good father of our kids
I am so blessed for you
I heard about love,
but you have shown me the love.
I heard about care,
But you have shown me the care,
You are really a caring, loving husband
 Now I am sure I have the blessing from Allah
Because He has given you as my life partner
I love you so much Darling,
As we complete our years

Thanks abang
Loving me in a very special way
Supporting me all the way
You will always be my Prince Charming
And I wish to have a happy ending
Beside you, inside your arms,
Feel the affection and warmth
Let’s stay this way forever

Ya Allah
Please always be with us... 

**Musliyana March 2013**

It so simple...this time without any cake...he.he..sebab hubby bawa gi jalan-jalan..tak sempat baking..
Thanks for this lovely holiday ...