Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Late update..for our Ninth anniversary..

Dedication to the king of my heart..

Our Ninth anniversary

Ya Allah..
Thanks Allah for this 9 wonderful years
and many more years to go


 You are my love of life
You are my treasure of life
You are a good father of our kids
I am so blessed for you
I heard about love,
but you have shown me the love.
I heard about care,
But you have shown me the care,
You are really a caring, loving husband
 Now I am sure I have the blessing from Allah
Because He has given you as my life partner
I love you so much Darling,
As we complete our years

Thanks abang
Loving me in a very special way
Supporting me all the way
You will always be my Prince Charming
And I wish to have a happy ending
Beside you, inside your arms,
Feel the affection and warmth
Let’s stay this way forever

Ya Allah
Please always be with us... 

**Musliyana March 2013**

It so simple...this time without any cake...he.he..sebab hubby bawa gi jalan-jalan..tak sempat baking..
Thanks for this lovely holiday ...

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