Thursday, November 13, 2008

Library session

Sorry for not updating this blog for two days..freeze....stuck...e.t.c..
(Most of the time my little Hero started shows his jelousy when mama more concerntrating with laptop..he...he..)

Today, Thursday..13th November 2008...

After sending our Malaysian brother (Bro Saifuldin)to the Palmy Airport this morning we planned to go to City Library..(actually we just accompanied Bro Saifuldin's family) ...Bro Din went back to Malaysia (for 3 weeks) alone because he will be presenting his paper in Taiwan..

We went to the library with Sis Nina (Bro.Din's wife)..and my little princess was very happy because she wanna play computer there...and the most important thing..borrow new DVD's again...That is the best part..Here are some pics that of this library (Children area)..

at computer's children area..
(Najlaa and Ashraf are playing Dora the Explorer and Blues Clues Game)

at Children's slide area..with Kiwi friends

Looking at this Library (focusing on Childern area) makes me thinking, why I don't have chances to be at library like this when I was childhood..(saje jer terfikir)..and why we can't create a library like this...(people don't feel annoying to go to and be in the library)...

Me, not going to ESOL class today...but I know today's topic which is "After Election"..quite a tough topic for continue from the last class's topic which was " Before Election".

Last Saturday, 8th November 2008, NZ just had their election day..For me its looks like calm election because no Flyers are hanging all around NZ..just one or two big banner...This is the peaceful election..(without any street demonstration and etc)...

This Saturday, one of new Malaysian member (just arrived end of last October) will be moving to our neighbourhood..So we are now three neighbourhood Malaysian family all together at Botanical Road (only one KIWI neighbour at our residential compound)..(Tak leh lawan College Street, sebab semua Malaysian kat situ..)Welcome to New Zealand to Sister Azira and Bro Hezal..

The end.


Tie said...

Bestnya library tu, memang dah tentu anak2 seronok berada di sana. Kalau buat kat sini memang bagus tapi kena ada yang pantau, biasalah kat sini masih ada lagi yang 'gatal' tangannya. Pondok talipon pun dah separuh nyawa dibuat oleh budak2 nakal.

Musliyana and family said...

salam tie...

tuelah dyn fikir...kalu kat msia mesti kena pagar2 skit..tak taulah kita kena ubah mentality kita ke..cara kita ke???

Suzi said...

library kat sini memang mesra pengguna..kan?
betullah kat Assie pun masa election hari tu mcm takde apa2 pun kalau tempat kita...huhuhu..

Shais said...

seronok budak-budak tu dapat bermain sambil belajar.