Sunday, December 14, 2008

Eidul Adha Celebration Dec 2008

Salam to all...Sorry for been disappeared for a moment...No issue and idea to be write up...and today I have something to share with all my friends and families..

Here is the story about "Hari Raya Qurban" at New Zealand..We celebrated it on Tuesday, 9th December 2008...Some of Malaysian friends also made "Qurban" on that day. But "Qurban's" here not as at our country,Malaysia..In Malaysia we can do slaughtering process by ourself, in New Zealand they have strict regulation in term of slaughtering process and etc.The process only can be made at it specific and special place.

Nothing much on 9th Dec because we celebrating our Eidul Adha in I forgot to snap the pic on the special event on that day( hubby sempat snap gambar anak2 sebelum keluar solat jer..).Actually some of Malaysian friends made "open house" on that Hari Raya...

My children with their new "Baju Raya' which arrived on a day before Eidul Adha..
Thanks to my mother in law..

Our family and 3 other families ( Bro Hezal's family, Bro Yaz's family and Bro Din's family)made our Eidul Adha Open House together with BBQ concept..Alhamdulillah praise to Allah because of His will on that Saturday 13 Dec 2008 was sunny day.

Now Lets pictures tell other words..
biar gambar berbicara...

children playing area..

Salam Eidul Adha..


Ajzie said...

salam adiladha..

mother of two said...

wow meriah jugak yer kat sana...
best dpt jumpa kawan2 n makan2:)

Tie said...


Bestnya, raya dan piknik kat luar lagik!!

Musliyana and family said...

salam ajzie...

Salam AidilAdha

salam motherof two..
meriah mmg meriah..cuma on that Raya day..hujan lebat..

Salam Tie
Alhamdulillah cuaca baik..lagipun dh start leh lah berpiknik kat luar rumah

lady zaini said...

pandaila najlaa ikut arahan cikgu dia...comey-comeynya. suka tengok video tuh