Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Last weekend activities

Last Weekend

In the morning we got some shopping at Farmers and in the afternoon our Malaysian Botanical Road neighbourhood planned to visit wind farm..For me it is second visit to Wind Farm..but it's cool..It's difference with the previous one (winter) because now in Summer...Actually this a last minute plan. It happened when Bro Hezal ask my husband about Feilding (one of interesting places here) we ask them back whether they have been to Wind Farm??they said no and want to go to Wind Farm. After that my husband text Bro Yazrin's family asking if they want to joint us...He said yes..and we have our plan on that day.

Before going to Wind Farm, we have some leasure time at The Square..Taking some pics with our new neighbour and my daughter with her new friends chasing some ducks at the pond

Mummies in the roses(with new neighbour Sis Zira)

"bee" & roses
Najlaa' with her new friends Batrisya and Hazim

Pond's view (Najmi just looking her sister chasing the ducks)

chasing..and chasing...
We arrived at Wind Farm at 3pm and it's sunny day..Alhamdulillah..

Daddy's picture..from the left Bro Hezal, Bro Yazrin and hubby

Mummy's time..

Najlaa's friends (from the left-Noel Ashraf,Najlaa,Batrisya and Hazim)

After we visited Wind Farm we stop at playground..had some tea time(konon-kononla..).Actually give an ample time for our children to play.

We went back to Botanical Road at 6pm...this is the first time we had gathering together far away from our neighbourhood area...Hopefully we can organize another trip to other places again.

The end


Shais said...

bunga rose tu ...geramnya, mesti harumkan kawasan situ.

Ida said...

wow! what a beautiful placekan...

misah said...

wah bestnye jalan2...akhir2 ni tak sempat nak jalan2 sebb "kesibukan" menyiapkan tempahan org.

Musliyana and family said...


shais...mmg geram jer bila tgok bunga ros tu..

That is one of beautiful places...tmbah2 time summer ni..kalu winter..takut jugak nk stay lama2.. semakin baik now..tak pe..nnt leh jalan2..dah ada kerjaya..