Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dora and Diego addiction

This is a story about our lit prince and lit princess...Both of them are die hard fan of Dora The Explorer...Since Najmi is a boy, we introduce him to Diego and Thomas as well rather than addicted to Dora. Another favourite DVD for Najlaa is Barbie..

So, what happend when your kids addicted to something???

As for Najlaa & Najmi, when they wake up in the morning....they want to watch Dora....

When Najlaa go to School...Najmi still with Dora...

Afternoon? Still with Dora...Why they never get bored?

Due to their addiction, we bought roller skates (Dora & Diego) for them as a present for being good and well behaved when we were busy preparing food for Bersatu Game last two weeks.

They try balancing themselves

Good things about Dora addiction is that they manage to grasp many new words from watching the series especially Najmi. He can say a lot of new words which he learned from Dora such as MAP, BUSH, BACKPACK, BRIDGE, EIGHT ...Najmi more talkative nowadays very much like his sister.


fairuzsallehuddin said...

And Najmi knows how to make sound of a horse!
Oh man! :P
:D :D :D

siti h a j a r .a. said...

Good job Najmi!
Wanna hear the word YES from u later.
Auntie bored to listen to NO only. Hihi

Balik M'sia, bole geng dgn Makcu yang tak muak tgk Dora. Haishh!

misah said...

actually mmg bagus Dora tu.. bnyk word yg bebudak leh ikut. cam Arissa dia tgk PHDC channel dan dia pun dah boleh buat shrt but full sentence in english.

awin said...

alah thomey nye men roller blade..

hang_lipur said...

nisrina plk skrg nie adiklaa handy manny and other cartoons yg ade kat playhouse disney channel... coz skrg dah bule diaorg bercakap in malay! ahahahah

Nor Khaizura said...

mcm uzair yg addicted with garfield..dia dh pandai pasang dvd sendiri..agaknyerr tgk mama mcm xnak pasangkan kot..tu yg ambik inisiatif buat sendiri..hehe..setuju, vocab mmg improve sbb dok follow garfield cakap :)