Friday, June 27, 2008

NZ Quality Day, Auckland

Last 2 weeks, I went to Auckland to attend NZ Quality Day. It takes 6-8 hours driving from Palmerston North to Auckland. Auckland is New Zealand's largest city, with a population of 1.3 million representing about one third of the population of the whole country. The central city of Auckland is a shopper's paradise with a fascinating mix of upmarket boutique shops and small specialist stores (quite similar to Kuala Lumpur). Some of best attractions in Auckland are Auckland Skytower, Auckland Zoo, Auckland Museum, and NZ National Maritime Museum.

p/s: Pegi sorang je..x bawa famili...rushing...kena balik Palmerston North cepat..ada hal yg perlu diuruskan..


NZ Quality Day Program

On the way ke Auckland..singgah jap kat Raukawa Falls Lookout

Auckland skytower (ala-ala KL Tower)

Di Auckland Central City...dgn member satu pusat research, Jurgen Wagner (orang Germany)

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