Saturday, January 30, 2010

Workshop: Roses On The Basket

Alhamdulillah, we had successfully organised our first cake deco workshop:"ROSES ON THE BASKET " yesterday from 12.30 pm until 5 pm. We had to finished the workshop at 5 pm because our Malaysian postgraduates had a football friendly match with Indonesian students. The football game began at 6 pm.

This class was requested by Kak Sham and Kak Nina, unfortunately Kak Nina unable to attend this workshop. Luckily, Kak Feza interested to attend this workshop...praise to Allah. My intention is to limit only two participants for each workshop.

At the end of this workshop, the participants are expected to be able to explain basic concepts of decorating cake in terms of supplies and tools, icing, simple fondant, piping techniques and steps involved. Participants also are expected to be able to decorate a cake (Roses on the basket) using the following main techniques: Basket weave, Roses and Grass.

They were busy decorating their cakes

Kak fezah with her cake

Kak fezah's cake

Kak Sham with her cake

Kak Sham's cake

Thanks Kak Sham and Kak feza for attending this workshop
All the best for us in decorating cakes

Wait for my official cakes blog: Diyana's Cake House.....


misah said...

Dyn..congratulation!!! wah siap ngan manual lagik tu..bagus2..nnt balik mesia leh buat class utk akak yg keras tangan.

Musliyana said...

Kak Misah

Thanks. Baru cuba2...kena siap module as value added..hihi..boley2..
wah steamed muffin dia pun dah ada topping skrg..