Tuesday, February 9, 2010

OuR BuSy TiMe...

Busy??..yup..I am....opps..yes we are...

I think all mums whose child/s just entered schooling term must be faced very busy time...
For me this is really good experience....

My new lovely routine:

7.00 am : Prepare breakfast and lunchbox (for those yg ke School and Uni)(kalau ke Uni lah)
( Kalau menu buns for lunch...mlm tu dh kena prepare and bake)
7.30 am : Shower both : especially little one, because Najlaa can manage herself...etc
8.30 am : Walking to West end School together with Najlaa and most of the time with Najmi
too (8.50 am the bell ring)
9.15 am : at home sweet home... doing household chores
10.30 am - 11.45 am : My time surfing, reading cooking book & etc...sambil layan2 si Najmi..
12.00 noon : start cooking for lunch, kitchen work area, pray etc
2.35 pm : Walking to School fetch the eldest
3.15 pm : dah ada di having their lunch meal...
Tengok beg Najlaa...normally she will bring back a book to read.

Kalau kena buat meal yg kena prepare sehari awal, ptg tu dah start kena buat dah...dah 2 hari Kaklong request Sausage buns...memang habis dia mkn for her lunch...Puas hati tengok...So mlm ni tgh buat Sausage buns sambil2 update blog ni...

Her new schedule:

Everyday she brings back a book to read
Every Thursday she brings back her poem book to read
Every Thursday she has swimming lesson
Every Thursday she brings back school newsletter to read
Every Friday (for term 1 only) she has cricket game on the evening
Every Sunday she has Iqra' class from 11.00am - 1.20pm ( Plus performing Zuhur prayer at Islamic Center...mcm Pendidikan Islam juga)
Every Sunday she has Arabic Class from 10.00am to 11.00 am

...mmm...everybody start busy now......

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