Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Weekend ~ fully with picnic~

We went to picnic last weekend..It can be considered as weekend picnic mood..It is because we went both of the days- Saturday and Sunday.On 13 February we went to picnic with Bro Ziad family and on 14 February with some of Malaysian Palmy.

1. Camp Rangi wood at Totara on 13 February 2010

This Camp Rangi Wood Totara Reserve located at Ashhurst just 30 -45 minutes from our home at Palmy.It was unplanned picnic because the weather not so good in the morning.It was gloomy and rainy day in the morning. 45 minutes before 11 am , Bro Ziad called and invited us to joined them.

Alhamdulillah, Allah pleased our trip. When we reached there, it was sunny and quite windy.So kids had enjoyed themselves there. The activities was lunch, swimming and playing water gun.

with Bro Ziad& Ila family (in red theme)..and our family in blue theme(except me)

Above and below picture:Daddies was busy with their precious

..They sharing their secrets...

I captured wind farm picture on the way back to Palmy. Ashhurst is a small town lies in the heart of Manawatu. At the North of Ashhurst is the Te Apiti Wind Farm, while to the south of Ashhurst are the giant turbines of Tararua Wind Farm.

2. Memorial Park, Palmy

The picnic started at 2 pm after Zuhur Prayer. In addition some of our children (Malaysian- Muslim)were having Islamic Class on Sunday morning.

The activities : swimming, eating, chatting (for parents), playing (mostly for children) and sightseeing.

1. Swimming activity

2. Eating and chatting activities

3. Playing activity
4. Sightseeing activity