Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tips for your cake

This is good very special tips I found in the decorating book by Shalini Latour-The Icing On The Cake, Fabulous Decorating Ideas for Simply Stylish Cakes. I want to share this good information with all my friends here.

Correcting Troubleshooting and Special Tips for your cake

Problem  1: Cake didn't rise
Possible Cause: Too much water and oil.
                         Pan too large.
                         Oven temperature too low and/ or cake under-baked.
                         Ingredients under-beaten.
                         Batter sat too long before baking.

Problem 2:Cake shrunk
Possible Cause: Too much water or oil.
                          Oven temperature too high and/ or under-baked.
                          Ingredient over-beaten.

Problem 3: Cake is soggy/dense/heavy
Possible Cause: Cake underbaked and/or removed before done baking.
                         Oven door opened during baking.
                         Too much water and oil.
                          Ingredients under- or over-beaten.

Problem 4: Cake is dry /crumbly
Possible Cause: Oven temperature too high and/ or over-baked.
                         Not enough water, oil or egg.

Problem 5: Cake is split down middle
Possible Cause: Ingredient overbeaten.

Problem 6: Cake ran over sides of pan
Possible Cause: Oven temperature too low
                         Too much batter in pan (fill no more than 2/3 full)
                         Too much water.
                         Pan or oven rack no level.
                         Pan placed off-center in oven.

Problem 7: Cake is sticking to pan
Possible Cause: Pan not greased or lined with parchment paper.
                         Cake not cooled long enough.
                         Cake not loosened with knife or spatula before removing.

Problem 8: Cake is difficult to frost
Possible Cause : Cake not completely cool.
                          Frosting not proper consistency.


lady zaini said...

Nice tips.. Thanx for sharing, tiba-tiba teringin nk buat kek chocolate kukus...nyum nyum

Musliyana said...

wa..sedpanya ..dyn rasa bby akak ni girl...rajin betul akak ke dapur....
dulu dyn kat najlaa mcm tu..kat Najmi..huhu..sebaliknya