Tuesday, February 2, 2010

She with her new life now

Today my little princess not a little princess anymore...From now onwards, she is My@Our Princess...Today is her first day at West end School..With new Barbie bag we walking together to the school (just around 3-5 minutes walking distance). Najlaa in ROOM 16..

(picture at her new school will be uploaded later- dedication to her grandparents,aunties and uncle)

Yesterday was her last day at kindy. She helped me decorating chocolate cake using fondant icing. Elaine :Thanks for the nice cakes..its very yummy..I eat that for my morning tea
Me : Oh..Thank know, Najlaa did the flowers (especially roses) just for her teacher
Elaine : Really..?yes..I believe you...she is good in art. Her skills in art very impressive for 4-5
years old child. I observed her yesterday, how she wrapped a box and decorated it with
some flowers and shapes.
Me : (Smile).She bring back the boxes showed us yesterday...Elaine and all teachers, thanks
Elaine: You too..Its nice and thanks for being Najlaa and your family here in this kindy.

Before we went back, Elaine passed me her profile. Some of her activities and memorable moment at her kindy.

Her records started from 25 March 2008 until 2nd Feb 2010

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