Friday, August 8, 2008

My third English class...

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera pada sahabat2 blogger..

Sebenarnya lepas je kelas English yang ke-3 (7th August 2008) kat ESOL mmg i dah nak masukkan dalam blog..tapi disebabkan sibuk bermacam hal..and nak mulakan cerita asyik tersangkut i tangguhkan dulu..Alhamdulillah.Allah izinkan untuk kali ini..

My third English class started with introduction or in Arabic word "
taa'ruf"..bukannyer ape..sbb we all (my friend (Lela) and me)sampai lambat and kebetulan ada ahli baru from Spain for that we all kena taa'ruf sekali lagi..and before this Christine (our teacher) can't remember our name...then she asked again..Hopefully she will remember it later..

Yang bestnye kat kelas ni..setiap kali perjumpaan ada tentative..For example my third class.

9.30 a.m : Music session (or introduction)
10.00 a.m : The Court System (this is the topic that we will be learned on that day)
10.30 a.m : Morning tea..( morning tea pun ade tau..)
11.00 a.m : Conditional tenses ( normally we will learn grammar from 11-11.30)

So tajuk/topic untuk kelas kali ini memang berat skit.." THE LAW"..first activity christine will read the passage and we will fill up the blank with the correct answer..At New Zealand they have 7 types of courts which are Court of Appeal, High Court,District Court, Coroner's Court, Youth Court,Family Court and Employment Court.
The New Zealand legal system, which comes from Britain , is completely independent of the government. The courts deal with both civil and criminal cases.

Here are details about their courts system.

District Court deals with the cases first. A jury of twelve ordinary man/woman listen to the evidence and arguments
High Court normally deals with more serious cases like murder case and it is also deals with civil cases about large sums of money, and appeals by people unhappy with the District Court's decision.

If someone thinks the High court's decision ifs unfair, he/she can go to Court of Appeal.

If Anyone who disagrees with Court of Appeal would have to go to the Privy Council in England and this is very expensive.

The Youth Court deals with children under 17 years. Young people over this age are treated as adults.

The Family Court is mainly concerned with divorce, adoption and the care of children.

The Coroner's Court decides on the cause of death when it is unclear why someone died.

The Employment Court settles arguments involving employers and employees.

My homework : compare the court systems in my country and New Zealand.

Berat kan my third class's topic. For next class we will visit Palmerston North Police Station.

sekian untuk entry kali ini..i sertakan gambar dan kata-kata hikmah dibawah untuk tatapan kita semua.Kata-kata hikmah ni tak bersangkut paut dgn law pun..just sharing a good thing.



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wahh bagusnya ESOL class tu erk..dah le free,ade minum2 free jugak...bila la M'sia nak provide mcm tu jugak...hehee

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